Wayne Stolten-Smith

4th Dan (Yondon) in Shindo Jinen Ryu

I have studied karate for the last 22yrs and I hold a 4th Dan (Yondon) and the style I teach is called Shindo Jinen Ryu. As part of my training, I visit my local gym in Crawley at the K2 centre, and at the same time I have a number classes where I teach karate from 5yrs upwards. I am a part of the senior instructor for Japan Karate Ryobu-Kai based in Anaheim, California and once year I will go to visit the Hombu Dojo (Central dojo of the organization).

Early this year I started to get shoulder problems with my right shoulder and rotator cuff which was weak. I visited my GP and was given some pain killers and advised to rest but this was difficult with my teaching. In August 09 I requested a MRI scan from my GP after a number of visits from March to August 09. I started to look at private treatment at the same time and met Ricky Kempton in August. Ricky was very confident with the correct form of treatment for my shoulder condition. The advice he gave was perfect and the stretches and exercises gave great relief. The relief from osteopathic treatment was almost instant and has been the only thing that has helped at all. Ricky took me in the gym to keep testing the shoulder injury in certain exercises and now I am back to training and using the gym. I highly recommend Surrey Osteopaths sports injury clinic, they provided me with a quick solution to overcome my sports injury using effective osteopathic treatment.

Now I can start working towards my 5th Dan (Godan) in 2012 and get to full fitness again.