David Hobbs

Hiking Enthusiast & Managing Director, Suffolk Life

I fully endorse Mr. Kempton. Having broken a bone in my ankle on a walking holiday I was treated at the local fracture clinic. Afterwards issues with the ankle continued; especially heavy swelling when it was being used for extended periods of time. Despite a couple of visits to the Doctor this continued off and on for almost a year. Finally having got back to the hospital they expressed surprise that I had never been offered physio and offered it to me – although with a warning that it would take up to 3 months before I could be seen. That is when I went to Ricky. In only three 1hr sessions he was able to put right the ankle; reduce the swelling and give me a number of strengthening exercises that have got me back to where I was pre-accident. I was amazed how easy it was and impressed by Ricky’s knowledge and ability.