Chiara Khan

Youth worker and mother

When I first came to see you I was suffering very badly with intense pain in my back, arm and head. I am not one for medications and pointless scans so I asked my husband what he would suggest. He told me how osteopathy had helped him recover from a back injury. I didn’t hesitate and luckily got an appointment for the same day. By the time I got to your clinic had been in agony for two days, I had a pain every time I breathed in and my head was pounding.

Your manner is very calming and after listening to my symptoms and you set out a possible diagnosis which with what i had been feeling sounded absolutely correct.

I think you have found your true calling in this work, your treatment is very accurate but yet soothing. I had expected to be tugged, clicked and folded into more painful positions but was overjoyed when your treatment turned out to be very precise, gentle but highly effective.

By the time I left I no longer had pain in my chest when I inhaled and my head felt lighter. That evening I felt sore but the soreness that you feel from exercising. By the morning it felt like I had never had two days of agony previously to that day. I felt 100% better and was relieved at how little discomfort I felt.

You are a genius in what you do and genuinely gifted. I would recommend anyone I know to seek treatment with you, including my own children!

Thanks again Ricky!