Osteopathic advice

Low Back Stretches

This video covers several exercises and stretches for the low back. These cover several planes of movement specially flexion and rotation of the lumbar spine. This has application for those who are sitting either in the car or at their desk as well as sports people.

Lower Body Functional Exercises

This video covers exercises for the lower body. These are very useful for ankle and knee mechanics and therefore have applications to many sports and movements.

Lunges and Lunges with Rotation

This video covers some lunges and a variation with rotation to the same side. These exercises are very functional and have application to a variety of sports and movement patterns.

Mobility Exercises for Neck

This video covers some mobility exercises in the cervical spine. These are very important to encourage the normal range of movement to return after a muscle spasm, trauma or whiplash injury to the neck. They cover all 6 planes of movement and they movement should only go as far as the pain free limit.

Neck Stretches (Scalene and Levator Scapulae Muscles)

This video covers stretches for the neck specifically the levator scapulae, scalenes and erector spinae muscles. These stretches are very effective for those with forward head posture and those with desk based jobs. They can also help those with headaches and who have suffered whiplash.

Quadriceps and Hip Flexor (Psoas) Stretch

This video covers several stretches for the quadriceps muscle group and the hip flexor (psoas muscle). These stretches are important in any sport involving the lower body as well as those in desk based jobs or those sitting for long periods a this can cause shortening of the hip flexor muscles.

Tricep Stretches

This video covers two stretches for the tricep muscle. These stretches are particularly effective for people who do pushing movements in the gym as well as those who compete in sports that require throwing.

Squats and Overhead Squats – Technique

This video covers the technique used in both the squat and overhead squat. These are very important movements for most sports and as a functional movement for the body in general. They are obviously important to have correct when lifting weights in the gym.

Calf Stretches (Gastrocnemius and Soleus)

This video covers stretches for the calf focusing on the gastrocnemius and soleus muscles. These stretches are very effective for sports people, especially runners or those who wear heels that naturally shorten the back of the leg.

Forearm Stretches

This video covers stretches for the forearm flexors and extensors. They use a desk/work top to stretch on. These are very effective for people who use their hands for their job i.e. manual workers, desk based people (typing) and also those who lift weights that involve gripping a bar.

Glutei Stretches

This video covers several stretches for the glutei muscles (gluteus maximus, medius and minimus). The video also covers some stretches for hip rotators. This video is very useful for sports people doing powerful explosive type movements as well as those who are suffering from low back pain.

Hamstring Stretches

This video shows several varieties of hamstring stretches both lying down (supine) and standing. These stretches are great for everyone but especially sports people or those who are sat for extended periods.

Lat Stretches

A few varieties of stretches to stretch your lats (latissimus dorsi muscle) which covers one side of the back from the mid thoracic spine to the lower lumbar spine. This stretch is very effective for people with desk based jobs.