Traumatic Delivery

Cranial osteopaths have been treating babies who have had such things as a; long delivery, the head being engaged for a long time, Ventouse delivery or forceps delivery. All these can cause the head to be misshapen. There have not been studies into whether osteopathy can help but the countless number of parents who bring their children to see a cranial osteopath to help relieve problems caused by forceps or Ventouse delivery and colic shows the belief parents have in cranial osteopathy.


  • Irritability, restlessness
  • Crying uncontrollably and difficult to be comforted (medically diagnosed as 3 hours of crying, for 3 days of the week, for 3 weeks. But this is thought to be too narrow a definition by many).
  • Lifting the legs up and in towards the stomach

Link to the babycentre giving information on assisted deliveries