Wrists & Hands

Repetitive Strain Injuries

This is an umbrella term used to describe overuse caused by the repeated action of a body part. They have become rapidly more common since computer use has become main stream both at home and work. They are usually in the hands, arms and shoulders but can be anywhere in the body. They are caused from; overuse of a muscle, vibrating equipment, holding a position for a long time, poor posture and stress to name a few. The most common type of RSI is carpal tunnel syndrome which affects a nerve supplying the hand.


  • Pain, but not always at the site of the RSI
  • Neurological symptoms; pins and needles, numbness, weakness
  • Tiredness

Articles from RSI.org


This is caused by ‘wear and tear’ of your joints. As this happens, your cartilage (smooth surface covering joints) begins to be removed leaving bone to rub on bone. When this happens the body lays down new boney growth called osteophytes. This process causes pain and inflammation at the joints surface, decreased range of movement at the joint and can have massive effects on the person’s life.


  • Pain (usually after movement with osteoarthritis)
  • Early morning stiffness
  • Lack of mobility
  • Swelling and inflammation at joint making it hot

Information from Arthritis Foundation