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We are here to help bring your back on track with osteopathic expertise and high-quality care. Established in 2011, Surrey Osteopaths are experts in treating lower and upper back pain and all kinds of sports injuries.

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How We Reduce Pain In The Lower Back?

Don’t suffer pain in silence, there are many reasons you could be experiencing discomfort, we have 10 years of experience and most people find ease in their suffering in a matter of weeks.

The clinic’s approach to pain management and therapy

We understand that each patient who walks through our doors wishes for relief from their long-standing chronic pain and to live a normal, pain-free life.

All our practitioners follow a patient-oriented and friendly approach that is based on these three principles:


Be it about the length of recovery, the best management of the problem or if they should be coming back in for treatment, we always maintain open and clear communication with our patients.

Dedicated treatment

We will understand your problem in detail and offer specific solutions. Our team never fails to go the extra mile for our patients.

Friendly and caring

For us, your comfort, care and speedy recovery are of paramount importance. Even if it means cross-referring with another practitioner who may be better suited to help with your condition or specific pain.

What to expect at your first assessment?

If you are visiting us for the first time, then you may feel anxious and unclear about what will take place during your first consultation.

Let us assure you that it’s perfectly normal to feel this way, and we have provided some information below to offer you an insight into what happens when you visit an osteopath.

Your first consultation

A single osteopathy session lasts for 30 minutes. During the first phase of consultation, our osteopath will ask a series of questions about your backache. Some questions may also be directed towards understanding your previous medical history, medication, accidents or surgeries if any. This information is vital for us to know your lifestyle, health and current symptoms which allows us to design a comprehensive treatment approach for your back pain problem.

Physical examination

After the initial consultation, the practitioner will need to examine your back and the nearby areas. For that, you would be required to remove your clothes so that an assessment of the whole body can be performed. It is best advised to wear t-shirts and shorts or sportswear. Your comfort is paramount, so please do feel free to discuss suitable clothing options with us. The practitioner will then begin to use their hands to locate areas of tenderness, restricted movement, strain and weakness, mostly focusing upon your spine. They will closely watch your movements and analyse the tightness or stiffness in the muscles, joints and ligaments. Patients are always welcome to bring along a friend or a family member to accompany them throughout the process.

Diagnosis and treatment

Following the initial consultation and physical examination, the osteopath will study the gathered information and will make a diagnosis of your back pain. Next, an action plan to treat your backache is proposed which may include a combination of exercises, further diagnostics or lifestyle changes. The practitioner will explain the entire course of therapy which will generally include some hands-on-massages, stretching exercises, mobilisation and manipulation of joints, etc. You will also be suggested to try some home exercises and lifestyle changes. Post-treatment soreness sometimes occur but can be managed with some advice and stretches.

Number of future sessions

Your osteopath will inform you of the number of future sessions based on the severity and longevity of your back pain, your body’s response to the treatment, how strictly you follow the given home exercise routine and bring about changes in your lifestyle, etc. During the session, if you happen to have any queries or concerns, always feel free to share them with us. Our Osteopaths are here to help you in all possible ways so that you are healthy and active again.

Lower Back Pain Symptoms

Here are some symptoms of common lower back discomfort

Non-specific lower back pain

Low back pain can often be caused by chronically poor posture which places the muscles and joints under more strain. Over time this can bring on early-stage arthritis of the joints in the back, known as spondylosis.

Facet Joint irritation and pain

These are the paired joints that run up the length of the spine. Their main function is to transfer weight. They are also used a lot to relay messages to the brain about the spine position in space, also known as proprioception. Due to the high density of nerves, they are often very painful and have a limited range of movement in the back but the symptoms do not last very long.

Disc Injury or Slipped Discs Pain

Discs separate the vertebrae and are the spine’s shock absorber. They are usually damaged through poor stances whilst lifting/carrying, twisting movements to end range or over time as the disc height reduces with age. The variety of damage can be from a small strain (annular strain) to a full prolapsed disc which can then cause nerve irritation in the leg (sciatica). Several tests can be done to rule out certain things and imaging (x-rays and MRIs) may help to diagnose the problem.

Muscle Spasm Pain

there is a small intrinsic muscle of the spine which is responsible for our posture. If these become strained or irritated they can go into an acute spasm. These can be very painful, restrict most ranges of movement and cause a change to your posture i.e. bent in a certain direction.


Our Osteopaths provide you with treatment for your back pain by locating weakness and then strengthening the musculoskeletal framework surrounding it.

Massages, spinal manipulations, cranial osteopathy, muscle energy and counter strain techniques are some of the pain-relieving and musculoskeletal strengthening techniques that are used by our practitioners.

The entire course of treatment will take approximately 12 sessions. But again, the number of sessions depends on the severity of your back pain, the body’s response to the treatment, injuries, medical issues, following the exercise routine and lifestyle changes and more.

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Lumbar Spine Pain Relief Techniques

Below given are a few pain relief techniques that can help you manage your back pain better. It is always advisable to consult an Osteopath before attempting these exercises.

Our Videos

Here are some lower back stretches that cover several planes of movement, especially flexion and rotation of the lumbar spine to help relieve pain.

Stretch and loosen your hamstrings with these techniques to help with pain.

Strengthen your glutes with these easy stretches.

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“The Surrey Osteopaths have been treating me for my long-standing lower back pain for several years now. From helping me recover from my spinal injury to working towards my overall well being, Surrey Osteopaths have a major role in helping me regain my mobility.”

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