Sometimes it’s difficult to know whether a problem is worth worrying about, and our feeling is that it’s better to be on the safe side. Feel free to call our osteopathic clinics in Sutton and Woking to talk through your problem and perhaps arrange an osteopathic consultation or assessment. Booking appointments with us is simple and easy.
Both our Woking osteopathy clinic and Carshalton osteopathy clinic have free parking available on site. Take a look at our clinics on the contact page for more information.


as of 1st Jan 2023
Principal Osteopath Treatment £56
Associate Osteopath Treatment £52
Associate Physiotherapist Treatment £40 
One Hour Sports Massage £85
Gym members are entitled to a 10% discount and staff members receive 25% on the above pricing.
Our treatment sessions are normally booked for half an hour and the first one will include your initial assessment. However you can register here to get your initial assessment completely free and without obligation. We try to fit you in as soon as possible and in a time that is suitable for you. The Sutton clinic is open from 9am most days and our Woking osteopathic clinic is open from 8am during weekdays, which aims to fit around your schedule. Check the clinics on the contact page for more specific information. Concession and Corporate Rates available. Please mention this if you feel like you might qualify. If you have any further questions about whether osteopathic treatment is right for you then feel free to contact us.