Cranial osteopathy

Cranial Osteopathy is the very precise and subtle art of listening to the body’s rhythm and treating it through removal of strain patterns running through the body that are maintaining an injury. These can be caused from birth, through the very traumatic event of coming into the world, or from past injuries that have healed incorrectly.

Cranial techniques are also very effective on expectant mothers as it uses extremely gentle techniques that are very passive and give relief to the mother as her body changes without causing any harm to the unborn child, unlike pain killers and other medications. Patients get remarkable benefits after cranial osteopathy when everything else has failed. It is especially effective at treating; coccyx injuries, headaches, colic in babies and back pain.

Cranial treatment is suitable for anyone from newborn children to the elderly due to the subtle and gentle way it is performed. Osteopaths are trained to feel and interpret the very small motions of the bones of the skull and other limbs. This ‘cranial rhythm’ or ‘involuntary motion’ goes throughout the body and repeats itself every 10 seconds or so.

Although osteopathy can be broken down into these separate methods of treating people, your osteopath will likely use pieces of each to suit you and your problem best. Every effort is made to explain exactly why and how each technique will be used.